Wrapping up my first game

While I could spend a lot more time expanding on my first game, that would go against the guidelines that I have set for myself.  I have met all the goals that I had for the game, so it came time to wrap it up and move on.  I may come back and tinker more […]

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Game 2: Planning and Ideas

It is planning time for game # 2.  I know that I want to make a platformer, but beyond that I don’t really have anything set in stone.  Where do I go from here? Well, this is what I am trying out: I have started carrying around a little pocket notebook and pen.  I tend […]

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My First(ish) Game

Let me start by saying that I started playing around in Game Maker Studio about a month ago. I started by picking a tutorial series on YouTube and diving in. The tutorial series I chose was for a turn-based strategy game. I started this tutorial while I was doing research on best practices, so it […]

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Update 1: Learning the ropes

The first thing that I needed to figure out was where to start.  There are so many things that I would like to do and if I am not careful I can easily become sidetracked and never actually accomplish anything.  I needed some direction. Luckily for me, numerous people have gone down this road and […]

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